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The new generation of unique F-150 Raptor is domineering, show a different style
Date:2022-11-29 Author:carbody Views:0

The new generation of unique F-150 Raptor is domineering, show a different style

Ford Raptor refers to a total of 7 levels of Ford F series. They are F150, F250, F350, F450, F550, F650, F750. The best-selling is F150, which is also one of the most common pickup ORV on the market and launched in November 2009.

Model: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, has always been a classic pickup of Ford. An integral frame of the F-150 is stamped from high-strength steel, which not only improves the durability of the body, but also further guarantees the safety of passengers. Not only that, with the help of the technology of Advance Trac and RSC (Rollover Stability Control) installed, the towing ability has reached the first-class ability. In addition, the F-150 has launched a variety of classic models according to the needs of different customers.

The new generation of Ford F-150 Raptor has completed a comprehensive upgrade. It not only has powerful off-road performance, but also has a domineering appearance and the latest power system, which make this car very attractive. Juncheng has developed the latest upgraded accessories for the new Ford, making the Raptor look more domineering.

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