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After-Sale Service After-Sale Service

Jiangsu Juncheng Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

New energy vehicle after-sales service commitment letter

Respected customers:

Thank you for choosing to use our company produced "Juncheng" brand new energy vehicles . In order to continue to provide high-quality after-sales service, our company now solemnly makes the following commitments to you:

1. All new energy vehicles produced by our company will provide users with lifelong services. During the "Three Guarantees" period, any quality problems that occur in the modified parts and the interior parts of the vehicle chassis will be repaired free of charge. For problems that occur after the "Three Guarantees" period, our company will organize professional technicians to repair the problem as quickly as possible and charge lower than the market price.

2. On the premise that the car purchaser follows the correct use and operation of the new energy vehicle instruction manual, during the "Three Guarantees" period, if the special modified parts and the new energy vehicle malfunction or are damaged and cannot work normally due to the company's manufacturing quality, the after-sales service department will confirm and provide warranty or replace the faulty parts immediately. "Three Guarantees" period: calculated from the date the company's products leave the factory (handover and signature by both parties).

3. Jiangsu Juncheng New Energy Vehicle has at least one authorized maintenance service center in each region, which is arranged in a reasonable area. The maintenance service center is equipped with a certain number of professional and technical personnel, and promises to provide 24-hour uninterrupted rescue services and demonstration applications. When a new energy vehicle malfunctions or an accident occurs, it can respond quickly within one hour, initiate a disposal plan, and solve the problem in a timely manner. Remotely monitor the entire vehicle, power battery, drive motor, etc., and the data is saved permanently. The vehicle warranty is one year; the commercial vehicle warranty period for key components such as power batteries, drive motors, and controllers is 5 years or 200,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), and the vehicle has a service life of 15 years.

4. Users should perform daily maintenance and troubleshooting of the vehicle and its modified parts, so that the vehicle can be maintained in good condition and its special functions can be used normally.

5. Our company has an after-sales service team with excellent technology and quick response, and has opened a 24-hour service hotline (0514-88551066-1088). From the time we received the user’s fault report, we will provide an accurate response within 3 hours. Arrive at the scene within 2 to 4 hours, within 24 hours within the province, and within 48 hours outside the province. After maintenance personnel arrive at the scene, minor faults are guaranteed to be resolved within 4 hours, general faults are guaranteed to be resolved within 10 hours, for major faults or special parts damaged, clear solutions will be provided within 24 hours, and the problem will be completely solved within 48 hours. The reason for importing parts can be extended after consultation and agreement with the customer. Spare parts are delivered to your door for free, with regular parts arriving within 3 days and special parts within 7 days.

6. Based on the needs of users, the company can train operators for free, provide relevant technical information and lifelong technical guidance to the user units, and upgrade product technology at a price lower than the market price. The company will provide free door-to-door inspections every three months.

7. Quality warranty terms

1) Product warranty principles

⑴ Under the premise that the user strictly follows the Juncheng brand's "User and Maintenance Manual" and maintains it, and within the product quality warranty period, any types of malfunctions or damage to parts caused by product quality problems such as design, manufacturing, assembly, and materials will not be affected. If the company's after-sales service department (including after-sales service station) has identified and confirmed the vehicle, it will provide warranty service to ensure the normal use of the user's vehicle.

⑵The starting date of the quality warranty period is the date of vehicle purchase by the end user or the date of invoice issuance.

⑶The quality warranty service mainly focuses on repair. If it is indeed damaged and cannot be repaired, the corresponding damaged parts will be replaced to restore the product's technical performance indicators. Our company does not accept structural changes and repairs caused by product improvements or product update designs.

2) Product quality warranty conditions

(1) Chassis part:

Users should use and maintain the chassis in accordance with the requirements in the quality manual of the corresponding chassis manufacturer, and go to the nearest local chassis service station for running-in maintenance and mileage maintenance. The warranty conditions and items are in accordance with the regulations of the chassis manufacturer. If there is a problem, you can go to the chassis service station for warranty with the valid quality warranty manual (the running-in maintenance and mileage maintenance have been carried out according to regulations, and the station stamp is stamped). If the user fails to go to the service station specified by the chassis manufacturer for running-in maintenance and mileage maintenance, and quality problems occur, the user will be responsible for the consequences.

(2) Top part:

The user can enjoy the quality warranty only if the user provides a complete and valid Juncheng brand "Pure Electric Sweeper Operation and Maintenance Manual" and uses and maintains it normally according to the requirements of Juncheng Brand "Pure Electric Sweeper Operation and Maintenance Manual", otherwise It is deemed that the user automatically waives the quality warranty rights.

Our company only provides quality warranty services for our manufacturing and upper parts. When dealing with quality warranty business, the company only bears the maintenance costs of the assembly or parts, and does not bear the cost of any indirect losses other than quality warranty (freight, lost time, road maintenance fees, insurance premiums and other costs).

If the upper part is damaged within 1 year from the start date of the quality warranty period and the driving mileage does not exceed 30,000 kilometers (anything exceeding the warranty time or driving mileage will not be covered by the warranty), the damage is indeed caused by the quality problems of the company's products. Our company implements free warranty.

3) No quality warranty service scope

1. Failure to use, maintain, and maintain in accordance with the company's relevant product user manuals.

2. Improper use, care, maintenance, or human-induced damage to the vehicle or parts.

3. Various wearing parts, consumable parts, fragile parts, glass products, wood products, oil, fluids, etc. for special vehicle modification parts and vehicle chassis parts, such as brake pads, light bulbs, insurance, filters, lubricating grease, cooling Fluid, battery fluid, antifreeze, individual fasteners, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

4. There is no "User and Maintenance Manual", vehicle model, vehicle identification code, etc. that are inconsistent with the actual product.

5. Damage caused by severe overloading and excessive use.

6. Damage to components and parts and all problems caused by the user's unauthorized modification, installation, welding or removal of any parts of the vehicle.

7. The warranty period is exceeded.

8. In case of malfunction, continuous parts and component damage caused by unauthorized processing or replacement of parts without the consent of the company's after-sales service department (including after-sales service station).

9. Failures and losses caused by using genuine parts that are not approved by the company’s after-sales service department (including after-sales service stations) when repairing the vehicle.

10. In the event of a traffic accident or major accident, the user or the traffic police department believes that it is related to product quality and handles the matter without notifying Anhui Huaxin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. to verify the scene.

11. Various abnormal faults occur during vehicle operation, and the user fails to stop the vehicle in time for inspection and troubleshooting and forcibly continues driving, resulting in direct damage to parts and extended parts of related damage parts.

12. The user uses various excuses to refuse or prevent the service station from performing normal inspection, analysis, identification and repair of the vehicle, resulting in delay losses.

13. Vehicle damage caused by natural environmental influences, such as floods, lightning, storms and other force majeure.

14. Any maintenance, debugging and modification to meet local government regulations.

15. Product defects caused by human factors during transportation, such as bumps and scratches on the surface of the vehicle body, loss and damage of wearing parts, etc., are not covered by the warranty and the responsibility lies with the carrier or shipping unit.

16. Damage, failure, rust, peeling paint, discoloration, etc. of parts caused by long storage time (more than one year from the factory date) are not covered by the warranty and will be the responsibility of the storage unit.