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The third generation of Button's GP has completed trial production
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The third generation of Button's GP has completed trial production

       Juncheng Group is good at rapid customization of personalized body. Since our establishment ten years ago, we have provided repair and replacement parts for vehicles all over the world, and we also provide sample car trial production services for many automobile factories including the world's top luxury car, safety off-road vehicle, American special vehicle company.

      The third generation of G. Patton was produced by Juncheng Group. The G. Patton off-road vehicle is an imported ORV under USSV (designed for the Asian market). The 2017 model is developed based on the Ford F550 chassis. The same series model is the Rhino GX.



      The G. Patton off-road vehicle is an American-made super off-road vehicle, and G. Patton has only a small number in domestic. This car is named after the American general George Patton during World War II. It is reported that George Patton only loved two models during his lifetime, one is a tank and the other is a super jeep. Therefore, both cars have better endurance and off-road capability.

      The third generation sample is made by Juncheng Group. Under the condition of retaining the super performance of the second generation, the appearance accessories and internal accessories are upgraded again to enhance its performance again.

The third generation of G. Patton


       Juncheng Group has mold design and manufacturing capabilities, stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop and small batch assembly workshop. We have production lines such as rapid mold (soft mold), three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting, rapid welding fixtures, 3D printing, whole body electrophoresis line, automotive topcoat, shot blasting, powder spraying and other production lines.

Chairman of Juncheng Group and the chief engineer of George Patton in front of the second and third generation G. Patton


Juncheng Group team and George Patton (China) team representatives in front of sample



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