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Redefining luxury and performance in the SUV sector—Ford Territory

Date:2024-01-13 Author:Carbody Views:0

Territory is an SUV model launched by Ford, which has many unique features. As a family SUV, Ford Territory performs well in terms of appearance, interior, performance and safety, providing consumers with an excellent driving experience.

On the 2019 Ford Territory, the design language of the Ford SUV family has received a more modern interpretation: the family-style hexagonal air intake grille has been processed with more rounded corners, and the LED headlights and grille on both sides have smooth lines. Connected to create an elegant and harmonious shape. The folded-line LED daytime running lights located on both sides of the lower grille make the front face of the vehicle visually wider and lower, highlighting the temperament of an urban household SUV.

2019 Ford Territory

Entering the car, the rich interior environment is immediately presented. The modern design is matched with decorative panels of a variety of materials, plus readily available soft materials and hand-made stitching, creating a coexistence of grandeur and sophistication. Various function buttons and displays are arranged in an orderly manner for the driver's convenience. The 2,716mm wheelbase brings spacious rear space; LED ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof, and seat ventilation and heating functions provide consumers with a more comfortable experience.

The performance of the 2019 Ford Territory is also excellent. It is equipped with an efficient and powerful engine, providing drivers with ample power output.

Ford Territory is also equipped with advanced suspension and braking systems, making the vehicle more stable and safer while driving. In addition, Ford Territoryalso adopts the latest intelligent driving assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring, to improve driving convenience and safety.


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In short, as a new SUV model, Ford Territory has achieved great success in the Chinese market. Its outstanding design features, excellent performance and reliable quality make the Ford Territory the first choice of many consumers. With the continuous development of the automobile market and the increase in consumer demand for high-quality models, auto parts also have a greater market demand, Juncheng Vehicle Industry will seize this opportunity to go to the world!