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Upgrade of the FJ40 Phase III

Date:2023-06-10 Author:Carbody Views:0

As of now, the transformation of the FJ40 has progressed to the next stage.

Compared with the previous two issues, the appearance has changed a lot. First of all, the whole car is painted, and the sheet metal parts visible to the naked eye are all equipped with a layer of classic blue paint. Both gloss and texture are extraordinarily advanced, and every detail is done flawlessly. The second is to assemble the rear tailgate and spare tire, which makes the overall look stronger and the off-road performance of the car is stronger.


In terms of details, the center console is reproduced in a very classic, different from the science fiction of modern cars, the center control of this FJ40 uses a mechanical pointer dashboard.Since this car is independently transformed by Juncheng Vehicle Industry, the sheet metal parts of the body are all produced and provided by Juncheng Vehicle Industry. When assembled, the body fits very well, and every detail is just right. This reflects the fine workmanship and excellent product quality of Juncheng Vehicle Industry.

Juncheng Vehicle Industry is keen on renovating classic models, so that more people can re-understand the history of these models, and also provide convenience for those who have the same remodeling interest to meet their needs.

In the future, we will continue to update the transformation and upgrading of FJ40 by Juncheng Vehicle Industry, so stay tuned!