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Classic land rover defender

Date:2023-07-08 Author:Carbody Views:0

The main function of the car grille is the intake and ventilation of the water tank, engine, and air conditioner. It can also prevent damage to the interior components of the car by foreign objects such as leaves or large objects during driving, thereby protecting the radiator and engine.

The front bib of the Land Rover Defender has a strong sense of hierarchy, with a hollowed-out rectangular line design, and the air intake grille is also designed with mesh holes. In the front design of the old Land Rover Defender, it appears more rugged, with a very simple horizontal grille design on the grille, showcasing a full off-road style.

Jiangsu Juncheng Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of automobile sheet metal parts, and has a special liking for classic car models. It has completely independently developed and produced the body parts of the old Land Rover Defender, including the front bib. The entire production process is very standard, from the selection of raw materials to the packaging of the final product, there are strict requirements.


Matching the front bib is the grille, which is the so-called air intake grille. The middle net also plays a decorative role. The shape of the grille is different for each brand, and a beautiful grille is also indispensable for the appearance of the car. The old Land Rover Defender is matched with a bright black center grille, which looks more off-road, sporty and more coordinated.


Juncheng Vehicle Industry always puts product quality and customer needs first. In this era when new energy vehicles are gradually monopolizing the market, there will still be a small number of people who are keen on these classic retro cars. And Juncheng Vehicle Industry is doing this, making auto parts and delivering them to customers who need them in the world, so as to pass on the "classic".