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One of the essential safety accessories of the Defender

Date:2023-06-16 Author:Carbody Views:0

Even with the passage of time, the appearance of the Land Rover Defender has never undergone subversive changes. Its shape can stand the test of time, and it also represents the benchmark attitude of hard-core off-road vehicles.

As a hard-core off-road vehicle, its safety performance is particularly important. Therefore, the choice of accessories is particularly important.

The firewall is a part of the car. The function of the engine firewall is to prevent the fire in the engine compartment from spreading into the driving compartment. The firewall is a layer of iron plate between the engine and the driving compartment. Most of the iron plates are pasted with heat-insulating materials. During the long-term driving of the car, the car engine will inevitably generate high temperature, which will easily cause the car to spontaneously ignite, etc., causing safety hazards to car passengers, so the birth of car firewalls will greatly increase the safety of car passengers and drivers.On the body of this old Land Rover Defender, the firewall used is completely independently developed by Juncheng Vehicle Industry. Both the quality control and the precision of mold opening are at a high level.


The firewall separates the passengers from the engine so that if the car engine catches fire, the firewall not only protects the passengers, but at the same time allows the driver to continue to control the engine. 

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