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County People's Congress representative Chen director investigation Juncheng Vehicle Industry

Date:2023-06-03 Author:Carbody Views:0

Recently, county People's Congress representative Chen Director of Juncheng Vehicle Industry investigation.

Director Chen was led by General Manager Guo and General Manager Song to visit and introduce the factory.Firstly, First introduced the pure electric sweeper purchased by the company,Mr. Guo emphasized that while efficiently completing the company's orders, it is also necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop and avoid the harm of a large amount of dust to the health of workers.A mature company should not only focus on production, but also be people-oriented and pay attention to the working environment of employees.


Then he led Director Chen to visit the hydraulic production line, electrophoresis production line, welding production line, stamping production line, warehouse, many automatic production equipment and advanced testing equipment.Every step of the production process has standards to ensure that every product produced is qualified in the hands of customers, and the company has an annual production capacity of 1 million sets of body sheet metal, which reflects the company's strong economic strength.

Mr. Guo emphatically introduced to Director Chen the FJ40 model independently developed and designed by Juncheng Vehicle Industry, and all the body parts were produced by JunCheng.The development process was not easy to come by. To dismantle, research, and develop the FJ40 car, the designers made repeated efforts, not only perfectly reproducing it, but also upgrading and transforming it, ultimately achieving this car.The painstaking efforts of JunCheng do not stop there. He is so dedicated to the design of body parts for each type of car, just to let customers buy at ease.


Director Chen's investigation aroused the enthusiasm of all the staff of Juncheng Vehicle Industry. Juncheng Vehicle Industry always adheres to the core competitiveness of "brand, team and culture", and establishes the enterprise philosophy of "responsible for customers, responsible for employees and responsible for society", so as to create better value for customers.