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Upgrades for the Land Rover Defender

Date:2023-05-26 Author:Carbody Views:0

Land Rover Defender is a hard-core off-road vehicle owned by Land Rover, which originated from the first Land Rover designed by Wells Brothers in 1948. In the first 20 years, it was the only model representing the Land Rover brand.

It can be said that the old Land Rover Defender still has a very strong overall strength. The square body shape, retro style round headlights, high ground clearance and classic non-load-bearing body make the appearance of this vehicle more classic. At the same time, this model also has a high degree of recognition and stronger three-dimensional visual effect. Although there are not too many high-tech design elements, but the vehicle reflects the off-road atmosphere has been strong enough.

JIANGSU JUNCHENG VEHICLE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. as an enterprise that produces automotive sheet metal parts, has advanced technology and an excellent team. It adheres to the mission of "selling Juncheng products to every corner of the world", insists on doing well in its own products, and strives to explore overseas markets.

Land Rover Defender

Juncheng Vehicle Industry has always been fond of classic models. In order to cater to the market, it vigorously promotes the old models of Land Rover Defender and Land Cruiser. The above products use the body accessories produced by Juncheng to transform the Defender pickup into an SUV, which not only retains the unique elements of the original car, but also increases the space of the vehicle and improves the practicality.

Moreover, Juncheng Vehicle Industry also has the ability to transform the Land Rover Defender into a pickup truck. The whole body is developed by Juncheng, which perfectly replicates the original car's parts, has a good fit, and is equipped with an electric chassis.


At the moment, the front windscreen, which has a large vertical Angle, provides an excellent view, but it also provides a large wind resistance, thus increasing the wind noise during driving. The lower wheel also adopts the off-road property of the tire, in line with the Land Rover Defender itself positioning. The tail is relatively simple, flat and neat like a knife cut, from the rear look is completely a square box, the tail is bare except for the small light set, everything is mainly instrumented. Both sides of the light group are using the circular design, collocation appears particularly retro and full of recognition.


Inheriting classics, Juncheng is obliged. Go abroad, go to the world, strive to realize the vision of "being the first brand of sheet metal parts in China", and create better value for customers.