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The 16th International Automobile Lightweight Conference opens in YangZhou

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On the morning of September 21, the 2023 (16th) International Automobile Lightweight Conference and Exhibition opened at the Yangzhou International Exhibition Center. Wang Jinjian, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Fu Yuwu, Honorary Chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China and the Automotive Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, attended and delivered speeches.

The 16th International Automobile Lightweight Conference opens in YangZhou

The International Automobile Lightweight Conference has been held in Yangzhou for four consecutive years. This conference is co-sponsored by the China Society of Automotive Engineers, the Jiangsu Science and Technology Association, the Automotive Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and the Yangzhou Municipal People's Government. Well-known domestic and foreign experts, scholars and industry elites gather together to share and exchange the current development status of automotive lightweight technology. , to discuss future development directions. The conference lasted for three days. More than 70 automobile companies and more than 500 core parts companies participated in the exhibition. More than 600 domestic and foreign experts focused on Yangzhou and released more than 100 professional technical reports.

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Wang Jinjian expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the conference and sincere welcome to the guests attending the conference. He said that in recent years, the city has always adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, conscientiously studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches, always adhered to the primary task of high-quality development, and vigorously promoted the construction of a modern industrial system. Make every effort to expand and strengthen advanced manufacturing clusters such as automobiles, parts and components, and high-end equipment. Since the beginning of this year, Yangzhou has anchored the construction of a famous industrial, scientific and innovative city as the "main channel" and accelerated the construction of a strong manufacturing city. The city's manufacturing industry has maintained a stable and positive development trend.

The 16th International Automobile Lightweight Conference opens in YangZhou

Wang Jinjian said that after decades of cultivation and development, Yangzhou's automobile industry has strong comprehensive strength and has a large number of well-known vehicle manufacturing companies and auto parts companies. Guoqi Lightweight (Jiangsu) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Yangzhou and has achieved fruitful results in the research and transformation of automobile lightweight technology. At the just-held city-wide conference on promoting the city’s famous industrial science and technology innovation city, Yangzhou proposed to focus on building a “613” industrial system. Automobiles and parts are one of the six leading industrial clusters, and new energy and intelligent connected vehicles are one of the 13 emerging industrial chains. one. Yangzhou will adhere to the "two-pronged approach" of vehicle upgrading and specialized and new parts and components, and accelerate the transformation of the automobile industry from traditional energy to new energy, and from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. At such a critical stage, we hope that the experts and entrepreneurs participating in this conference will provide insights and suggestions for the development of Yangzhou's automobile industry. We sincerely invite all guests to come to Yangzhou to invest and develop business with their projects and technologies, and work together to create a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win results. 

Fu Yuwu said in his speech that under the guidance of global low-carbon development and intelligent demand, energy conservation, consumption reduction, and green safety have become the development direction and basic consensus of automotive technology. All parties in the industry are actively promoting new materials, new processes, and new equipment. R&D and application. The China Society of Automotive Engineers and the Lightweight Alliance have been committed to guiding the development of low-carbon and zero-carbon advanced materials and innovative processes, and comprehensively promoting technological progress in energy saving, material saving, and consumption reduction. We hope that this conference will be an opportunity for experts and industry representatives from the field of automotive lightweighting to share the current development status, hot spots, difficulties and innovative solutions of automotive lightweighting technology, strengthen cross-field collaboration, and promote the ecological construction of the automotive industry.

The 16th International Automobile Lightweight Conference opens in YangZhou

Guo Buhua, Chairman of Jiangsu Juncheng Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the company's situation to Wang Jinjian, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee

Before the conference, the guests visited the exhibition area of the conference to learn more about the new technologies and products displayed by the exhibitors. At the opening ceremony, a promotional video for Yangzhou's automobile industry was played; a signing ceremony was held, and 16 automobile and parts industry projects and science and technology innovation platform projects were signed together, with a total investment of nearly 6.5 billion yuan. Six domestic and foreign academicians and experts shared the latest results in their respective research fields.

Mao Xinping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Carbon Neutrality Research Institute of the University of Science and Technology Beijing, and Shi Xiaopeng, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, delivered speeches. Li Qianmu, member and vice chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, and Pan Xueyuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy mayor, and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yangzhou Economic Development Zone, attended the event.

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The 16th International Automobile Lightweight Conference opens in Yangzhou

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