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The deputy secretary of the county party committee investigated the Juncheng vehicle industry

Date:2023-08-16 Author:Carbody Views:0

Recently, Zhou Zhengwei, deputy secretary of the county party committee, conducted a research and investigation on Juncheng Vehicle Industry.

General Guo led Secretary Zhou to visit and introduce the situation of the factory. General Guo introduced that each step of the company's production process has strict standards to ensure that every product produced is qualified in the hands of customers, and the company has an annual output of 1 million sets of body sheet metal production capacity.

General Guo emphatically introduced to Secretary Zhou the technical R&D center of Juncheng Auto, which is responsible for production and operation technical support, Product development, technical management and mold management, in order to achieve the company's business strategic obj ectives and long-term development plans.


Then he led Secretary Zhou to visit the hydraulic production line, electrophoresis production line, welding production line, stamping production line, warehouse and many automated production equipment and advanced testing equipment. On each production line, Secretary Zhou expressed condolences to the staff who insisted on working under high temperature. Secretary Zhou pointed out: While ensuring that the work progress is completed on time, we must take safety as the premise and take measures to prevent heatstroke. Reasonably arrange work plans for high-temperature seasons, appropriately reduce labor intensity, reduce working hours during high-temperature periods, and prevent incidents such as high-temperature heatstroke.

The auto sheet metal parts produced by Juncheng Vehicle Industry are sold all over the world, and the product quality also has a good reputation. The mission of Juncheng Vehicle Industry is to "let Juncheng products be sold to every corner of the world".

The secretary's investigation work this time mobilized the enthusiasm of all employees of Juncheng Vehicle Industry, and affirmed the existing institutional measures of Juncheng Vehicle Industry.