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The forever shining Camry

Date:2023-08-04 Author:Carbody Views:0

Since its launch in 1982, the Camry model has been prosperous and active in all angles of the world. It can be described as an evergreen tree in the car industry. As a global model, the Camry has impressed countless people with its reliable quality and practical atmosphere.

TOYOTA CAMRY 2006-2010

The success of the sixth-generation Camry is not accidental. In addition to Toyota's good quality reputation, the exterior design and model configuration of this sedan will not be outdated today.

The sleek and majestic design of the front face looks very thick, and the steady shape adds a lot of points to the whole car. The chrome-plated design of the grille is just right, and it is not used as much as the Accord. With the crystal headlights, the sense of luxury is overwhelming. Viewed from the side, the design of the A-pillar and C-pillar is also relatively inclined. This design makes the whole car look very slender. Coupled with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, the side can be said to be perfect. The tail design is quite satisfactory, without many highlights, but there are absolutely no shortcomings, it can be said to be simple and attractive.

In terms of interior, it looks more mature and stable. The large-area imitation mahogany design was quite popular in that era. In terms of configuration, the 2006 Camry has two power options: 2.0L and 2.4L, which are respectively equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed automatic manual transmission. The engine block materials are all made of aluminum block, which is really kind compared to the fact that some models still use iron block.

TOYOTA CAMRY 2006-2010

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